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This page contains a step-by step-instruction on how to complete the Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII) Queen of Cards Side Quest.

Queen of Cards Quest Walkthrough

Side Quest Information

Queen Location Various (Depends on the Queen’s Decision)
When Can You Access this Quest? Early in Disc 1 or later in Disc 3 – (Up to the player)
Rewards High Level Cards

Best Queen Location

It is best to let her travel between Balamb and Dollet. Dollet is the Queen’s hometown, and she will tell you about her painter father once you successfully make her go to Dollet.

When Can You Access this Quest?

You can access the Queen of Cards side quest in Disc 1 right after defeating Ifrit. It can still be completed in Disc 3.


Card Lost to Queen Card Created
MiniMog Kiros
Sacred Irvine
Chicobo Chubby Chocobo
Alexander Doomtrain
Doomtrain Phoenix

For every high level card you purposefully lose to the queen, new high level character cards are created.

Important Notes

1 Set the «All» Trade Rule when dealing with the Queen. It will be easier to obtain the required card without missing it this way.
2 Abolish the rule «Random» in regions to play the card game easily.
3 Speak to the Queen after losing the required card (e.g. Sacred Card) to learn her next destination.
4 Make sure the Queen goes to Dollet to tell you about the next card request.


1 Play against the kid jogging around the Balamb Garden to acquire MiniMog Card.
2 Lose the MiniMog Card to the Queen of Cards in Balamb Town.
3 Interact with the Queen to know where she will go next.
4 Get the Kiros Card from the man in black standing along the way to Galbadia Hotel.
5 Battle Sacred in the Tomb of the Unknown King to obtain the Sacred Card.
6 Purposely Lose the Sacred Card to the Queen of Cards.
7 Win over the Irvine Card from the Mayor’s wife, Flo, in Fisherman’s Horizon.
8 Do the Chocobo Sidequest to get the Chicobo Card.
9 Play against the Queen and lose the Chicobo Card.
10 Obtain the Chubby Chocobo Card from the guy sitting near the library in Balamb Garden.
11 Get the Alexander Card by challenging Piet.
12 Purposely give the Alexander Card to the Queen of Cards.
13 Get the Doom Train Card from the pub owner in Timber.
14 Lose the Doom Train Card to the Queen.
15 Acquire the Phoenix Card from the Presidential Aide in the Palace.
16 Note: You can still reacquire all lost cards from her son in Dollet.

1 – Minimog Card

Early Game

You can acquire the Minimog Card early in the game. Just win over the Minimog Card from the boy running around the Balamb Garden.

Late in the Game

The boy jogging around the Balamb Garden has the minimog card. But, you will notice that he is nowhere to be found.

Challenge his sister (the girl in pink attire near the library sign) to a game of cards. Win or lose, her brother will reappear.

3 – Queen Goes to Dollet

Make sure to save all progress before challenging the Queen. After losing the Minimog Card to her, talk to her again to confirm where she will travel next.

Keep on challenging her until she decides to go to Dollet. The Queen needs to be in Dollet to speak about her painter father.

4 – Kiros Card

Challenge the man in black around the Galbadia Hotel area to get the Kiros Card. The Kiros Card has been created from the MiniMog Card.

6 – Sacred Card

After acquiring the Sacred Card from the brothers, lose it to the Queen in a card battle. Irvine Card will be created from the card.

7 – Irvine Card

You can obtain the Irvine Card from FH Mayor’s Wife, Flo. Mayor Dobe and Flo only stay at their house.

9 – Chicobo Card

You can only earn the Chocobo Card by completing the Chocobo Forest side quest. After losing the Chicobo Card, the Queen’s father will create the Chubby Chocobo Card.

10 – Chubby Chocobo Card

You can find the Chubby Chocobo card from the man sitting near the library. When not there, just keep going back until he shows up.

11 – Alexander Card

Challenge Piet, the blond man wearing lab coat, at Lunar Base. If you have not challenged him in Ragnarok, he can also be found at the southern west part of Tear’s Point.

13 – Doom Train Card

The Doom Train Card is kept by the pub owner in Timber. He is the man at the upper right side of the screen.

The pub owner rarely plays the Doom Train Card so you need to have a lot of patience playing against him.

15 – Phoenix Card

Get the Phoenix Card from the Presidential Aide in the Palace. He is in the room where Rinoa stays in Esthar.

16 – Queen’s Son in Dollet

The Queen of Cards’ son is with his grandfather in Dollet. The Queen’s artisan father’s house is along the streets near the pub.

If wanted to retrieve any lost cards to the Queen, you can challenge the kid and win over the card.

Queen Locations

Balamb Town – Near the Station

Destination from Balamb Probability
Deling 62.5%
Dollet 37.5%

Dollet – Pub Second Floor

Destination from Dollet Probability
Deling 62.5%
Balamb 37.5%

Deling City – Galbadia Hotel

Destination from Deling Probability
Fisherman’s Horizon 62.5%
Balamb 12.5%
Dollet 12.5%
Winhill 12.5%

Fisherman’s Horizon – Near Rusty Train

Destination from FH Probability
Esthar 62.5%
Winhill 25.0%
Balamb 12.5%

Esthar City – Near the Elevator

Destination from Esthar Probability
Lunar Gate 50%
Shumi Village 25%
Fisherman’s Horizon 12.5%
Dollet 12.5%

Winhill – Hotel

Destination from Winhill Probability
Deling 37.5%
Dollet 37.5%
Fisherman’s Horizon 25%

Shumi Village – Hotel

Destination from Shumi Village Probability
Balamb 25%
Dollet 25%
Lunar Gate 25%

Lunar Gate

Destination from Lunar Gate Probability
Random Location

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