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How to beat Dark Valefor Tips and Guide | FFX

This is a walkthrough for the boss fight Dark Valefor from the game Final Fantasy X (FF 10, FF X). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Dark Valefor, including Dark Valefor’s stats and other useful information.

Dark Valefor Information

Dark Valefor Basic Information

Dark Valefor Details

Name Dark Valefor
HP(Overkill) 800000 (99999) MP 999
AP(Overkill) 10000 (15000) Gil
Dark Matter 1 (2) Drop
Master Sphere 1 (2)
X-Potion 2 Steal
Elixir 1
Sonic Wings Energy Ray

Energy Blast

Dark Valefor Stats

Dark Valefor’s stats

Srength 148 Agility 105
Defense 120 Luck 48
Magic 186 Evasion 10
Magic Defense 220 Accuracy 250

Dark Valefor Elemental Resistances

Elemental Resistances

Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
50% 50% 50% 50% 50%

Dark Valefor Status Resistances

Status Resistances

Sleep Silence Darkness
Poison Petrify Slow
Zombie Power Break Magic Break
Armor Break Mental Break Threaten
Death Provoke Doom
Distill Sensor Scan
Gravity Delay Eject
Zanmato Lv.

Dark Valefor Equipment Ability Drops

Equipment Ability Drops

Weapon & Armor slots 3-4
Weapon and Armor Ability Drops 1-2
Weapon Ability Drops
Initiative Firestrike
Lightning Strike Water Strike
Ice Strike Break Damage Limit
Armor Ability Drops
Auto-Regen Break HP Limit

Weapon & Armor Slots Drops depicts the amount of possible slots the enemy’s equipment drops will have while the Ability Drops depicts the possible amount of abilities the dropped weapon may have.

Dark Valefor Boss Battle Guide


Stats Max Sphere Grid/ Max Stats
Weapons Celestial Weapons
Armour Auto-Haste, Break HP Limit (optional), Auto-Potion(if Break HP Limit is equipped)
Character Rikku (for Hyper Mighty G)
Overdrive Mode Comrade


Sonic Wings Damages a target and inflicts delay
Energy Ray Deals fixed 9999 damage to all party members
Energy Blast Deals massive damage to all party members (around 50,000 damage)

Valefor uses this when its Overdrive gauge is full.


Dark Valefor has a low HP pool for a Dark Aeon (800,000) so going for a full offensive strategy can work wonders. Using Wakka’s Attack Reels can potentially kill Dark Valefor in a single turn(if Wakka’s Strength stat is high/maxed out). If this is not an option, keeping Hyper Mighty G active for all your party members is a must since Dark Valefor uses Energy Ray randomly.

Another strategy is equipping an armour with Break HP Limit to survive Energy Ray’s fixed 9999 damage (even just having 10,000 HP can make this fight way easier). Use Trio of 9999 and partner that armour with Auto-Potion to survive all attacks aside from Energy Blast. If Dark Valefor’s overdrive gauge is full, switch in Rikku and use Hyper Mighty G to survive the attack (of course, swapping in Yuna then using an Aeon to block works too).

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