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This page teaches the player about Gil in the game Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered (FF 10, FF X). All information about Gil including its usage, and how to obtain it are found on this page.

What is Gil?

The Currency of the Game

Gil is the equivalent of gold in the game. The amount of Gil you currently have can be found on the menu screen.

How to use Gil?

Several Methods

Gil has several uses. Early on in the game, its main use is to purchase items and equipment from the shop. However, later on in the game. The player will gain more ways to spend Gil. Here are the following methods of spending Gil.

  • Buying Music and Movie Spheres
  • Fighting Arena Monsters
  • Throwing it at Enemies
  • Bribing Monsters
  • Hiring Blitzball players

How to Obtain Gil?

Defeating Monsters

Defeating monsters will (normally) net you Gil. This method is the most common method of gaining Gil in the game.

Selling Items and Equipment

Selling your items and Equipment is a good way to gain Gil. Specially Equipments as there are limits in the number of equipment you can carry.

Pilfering Gil

Gil can be stolen from enemies with the ability Nab Gil. It is the least popular method of gaining Gil as the amount of Gil taken from enemies is usually low.

Best Ways to Use Gil

Buying Items

buying restoratives and status ailment curing items are helpful specially in the early stages of the game. Getting that zombie status with holy water or removing that pesky antidote will be easier if you have the necessary supplies in your inventory.

Buying Zero Ability Equipments

Later on in the game, you will gain the ability to customize weapons and armors. This allows you to create specialized battle gears for tough enemies.For guides on how to get 4 slotted armors, see the link below.
How to get 4 slot Armors

Bribing Enemies

This is the most unknown way of spending money for the majority of new comers to the game. Bribe is an ability that allows you to spend money to make an enemy go away. It’s a hidden feature however, is that the enemy will give you a massive quantity of items upon exiting the battle. This is necessary for farming and customizing your end game gears.

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