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This is a guide for the hunt A Chase Through the Woods, a hunt in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age).Detailed information about the hunt and

A Chase Throught the Woods


Hunt Rewards

Rewards 2,00 Gil, Lightning Arrows, Gillie Boots

Hunt Objective

No. Objective
1 The petitioner will be deep inside Eruyt Village, the dwelling of the viera.
2 Speak to the petitioner in the Spiritwood sector of the village to start the quest. Learn more about your mark.
3 The petitioner will point you toward the Golmore Jungle, where the Vorpal Bunny randomly attacks your party, then runs.
4 Head to the Rustling Chapel area of the Jungle. It will hit your party then run, but if you continue to counter its attacks, it won’t be long before it falls.
5 Once you fell the Bunny, return to the petitioner for a double reward involving another viera from the village.

The Rabbit’s Tail


When you defeat the Vorpal Bunny, it drops an item, the Rabbit’s Tail. It is a key item for the viera Alja, an apprentice salve-maker from the village. When she learns of Nera’s kindness, she will reward you (aside from Nera) and will also pledge to become a full salve-maker.

Another Trickster in the Making

The Vorpal Bunny follows the Trickster in being crafty enough to hit and then run. Unlike the Trickster, with the right tools and the right set of people in your party, the Vorpal Bunny will not last for long. More details about this mark is available through the button below:

Alja and Nera


The double reward comes from these two vieras. Nera learns of Alja’s quest to become a full-fledged salve-maker, and decides to help her fellow viera. You are all the better for it as your reward becomes doubled because of the two of them.

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