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A Wild Stench – Hunts | FF12

This is a guide for the hunt A Wild Stench, a hunt in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age).Detailed information about the hunt and how to reach the mark are all on this page.

A Wild Stench – Hunts


Hunt Rewards

Rewards4,600 Gil, Euclid’s Sextant

Hunt Objective

1The petitioner for this quest is a resident of the Eruyt Village. This viera asks for help in felling the Wild Malboro.
2Find the petitioner in Eruyt Village’s Spiritwood. She will tell you that the Malboro is in the Feywood.
3Search for the Malboro within the Feywood’s Redolent Glade area.
4Finish off the Malboro and its companions and report back to the petitioner for a reward.

The Viera’s Bane, The Malboro


Rena, a viera from the Eruyt Village, will ask the help of your party to finish off the Wild Malboro. It will be found within the Feywood.

Wild Malboro Running in the Forest

The Wild Malboro is, by no means, an easy prey. This mark has the ability to inflict different status effects on your whole party. Be sure to have your gambits set on status healing items as well as Esuna. More about the Wild Malboro through the button below:
Wild Malboro Drops and Locations

The Thankful Viera


Finishing off this Malboro will earn the gratitude of Rena, the petitioner. This may also ensure that you get in the good graces of the viera of the forest.

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