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This is a list of obtainable licenses for the Black Mage job in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII). Read on to see recommended party members for this job, as well as license effects, and more!

Black Mage Recommended Party Members

Party MemberReason for Recommending

Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca

A character like Ashe, which has a high reserve of mana and the strength to hurt, will thrive as a Black Mage. The Black Mage uses some of the strongest elemental spells in the game and is perfect to use against enemies with a weakness to elemental spells. Ashe should do fine with the Black Mage as a first or second job, coupled with a melee job like Knight or Monk.


Penelo is another character with a high reserve of Mana. While her default character depiction assigns her the role of healer and support, augmenting these skills with the offensive power of the Black Mage makes sense. Penelo will create problems for opposing parties by supporting her allies from afar and mixing it with strong elemental spells, augmented by her magick lore.

Black Mage Obtainable Licences


LicenseLPEffect or Items
HP +7030Increases max HP by 70.
HP +15050Increases max HP by 150.
HP +19060Increases max HP by 190.
HP +23070Increases max HP by 230.
HP +27080Increases max HP by 270.
HP +31090Increases max HP by 310.
HP +390115Increases max HP by 390.
Magick Lore 130Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 230Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 330Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 430Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 550Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 650Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 750Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 850Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 970Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 1070Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 1170Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 1270Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 13100Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 14100Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 15100Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 16100Increases magick potency.
Serenity70Increases magick when HP is full.
Spellbreaker65Increases magick power when HP Critical.
Inquisitor30Gain MP after dealing damage.
Warmage30Gain MP after dealing magick damage.
Headsman30Gain MP after defeating a foe.
Martyr30Gain MP after taking damage.
Swiftness 130Reduces action time by 10%.
Channeling 130Reduces magick MP cost by 10%
Channeling 250Reduces magick MP cost by 10%
Channeling 380Reduces magick MP cost by 10%
Ether Lore 120Ethers restore more MP.
Ether Lore 235Ethers restore more MP.
Ether Lore 370Ethers restore more MP.
Remedy Lore 120Remedies remove Sleep, Sap, Immobilize, and Disable.
Remedy Lore 230Remedies remove Petrify, Confuse, and Oil.


Staves 115 Oak Staff
Staves 225 Wizard’s Staff
Cherry Staff
Staves 330 Storm Staff
Flame Staff
Staves 440 Golden Staff
Glacial Staff
Staves 565 Cloud Staff
Judicer’s Staff
Staff of the Magi115 Staff of the Magi
Hand-bomb 255 Tumulus
Hand-bomb 375 Volcano
Hand-bomb 4105 Makara

Armors & Accessories

LicenseLPArmors & Accessories
Accessories 15 Tourmaline Ring
Accessories 220 Indigo Pendant
Battle Harness
Accessories 325 Golden Amulet
Leather Gorget
Accessories 435 Sash
Berserker Bracers
Accessories 535 Pheasant Netsuke
Accessories 635 Ruby Ring
Gillie Boots
Accessories 740 Magick Gloves
Nishijin Belt
Accessories 845 Jade Collar
Accessories 930 Power Armlet
Turtleshell Choker
Accessories 1040 Fuzzy Miter
Steel Poleyns
Accessories 1160 Sage’s Ring
Amber Armlet
Accessories 1260 Nihopalaoa
Hermes Sandals
Accessories 1360 Thief’s Cuffs
Rose Corsage
Accessories 1470 Steel Gorget
Argyle Armlet
Accessories 1570 Bowline Sash
Accessories 1670 Germinas Boots
Bubble Belt
Accessories 1780 Ribbon
Cat-ear Hood
Accessories 1880 Cameo Belt
Embroidered Tippet
Accessories 19100 Quasimodo Boots
Agate Ring
Accessories 20115 Opal Ring
Orrachea Armlet
Accessories 21130 Ring of Renewal
Blazer Gloves
Accessories 22160 Winged Boots
Diamond Armlet
Ribbon215 Genji Gloves
Mystic Armor 110 Light Woven Shirt
Cotton Shirt
Magick Curch
Cotton Cap
Mystic Armor 215 Kilimweave Shirt
Silken Shirt
Topkapi Hat
Pointy Hat
Mystic Armor 320 Wizard’s Robes
Shepherd’s Bolero
Wizard’s Hat
Calot Hat
Mystic Armor 425 Traveler’s Vestment
Chanter’s Djellaba
Feathered Cap
Lambent Hat
Mystic Armor 530 Enchanter’s Habit
Mage’s Habit
Lamia’s Tiara
Mage’s Hat
Mystic Armor 640 Black Garb
Sorcerer’s Habit
Black Cowl
Sorcerer’s Hat
Mystic Armor 750 Maduin Gear
Gaia Hat
Astrakhan Hat
Mystic Armor 860 Gaia Gear
Jade Gown
Gold Hairpin
Mystic Armor 970 Cleric’s Robes
Celebrant’s Miter
Mystic Armor 1075 White Robes
Black Mask
Mystic Armor 1180 Black Robes
White Mask
Mystic Armor 1290 Glimmering Robes
Golden Skullcap
Mystic Armor 13110 Lordly Robes

Magicks & Technicks

LicenceLPMagicks & Technicks
Black Magick 115 Thunder
Black Magick 220 Blind
Black Magick 325 Silence
Black Magick 430 Sleep
Black Magick 540 Poison
Black Magick 650 Blizzara
Black Magick 760 Blindga
Black Magick 870 Silencega
Black Magick 990 Thundaga
Black Magick 1090 Sleepga
Black Magick 11100 Toxify
Black Magick 12120 Flare
Black Magick 13165 Scathe
Green Magick 140 Decoy
Green Magick 250 Drain
Green Magick 3110 Syphon
Steal20 Steal
Charge30 Charge
Poach30 Poach
Charm30 Charm
Telekinesis80 Telekinesis

Learnable by All Characters

LicenseLPEffect or Items
Essentials1Attack, Mist
Second Board30Allows the use of a second license board.
Quickening 150Quickening
Quickening 275Quickening
Quickening 3100Quickening
Quickening 4125Quickening

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