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How to Beat Firemane | FF12

This page contains information about the boss Firemane from the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF XII, FF12). Read on to know more about this boss fight including the boss’ moveset and strategies to use against it.

How to Beat Firemane


The Firemane is a Fire-element boss. It is obviously weak against Water-element weapons and spells. Unfortunately, at this point in the game, it is highly unlikely that the player has obtained any Water-element attacks. The Firemane does fight in water, making it susceptible to bonus damage from standing on it.


Your party should watch out for Firemane’s Kick and Rush attacks. This boss also has access to the Fire Magick. The move to watch out for is Bushfire, an attack which damages the whole party and inflicts Poison.

Gambit Setup

All other members
Gambit: TargetGambit: Command
Ally: HP < 50%Potion
Foe: party leader’s target / any (if captain)Attack
1 Party Member
Gambit: TargetGambit: Command
Ally: HP < 50%Potion
Ally: anyAntidote
Foe: party leader’s target / any (if captain)Attack


You should set 1 character to focus on healing the Poison status from teammates. Others should focus on attacking and healing from time to time. attacking.

Do not set a gambit for healing to < 30% as they may die to Bushfire, if Firemane uses it while their HP is in the 40% threshhold. Remember to use Phoenix Downs if allies die during the battle.

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