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The Cry of its Power – Elite Hunts | FF12

This is a guide for the hunt The cry of its Power, a hunt in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age).Detailed information about the hunt and how to reach the mark are all on this page.

How to Defeat Rocktoise

Rewards 1,200 Gil, Hi-Potion x2- Heavy Coat

Hunt Objectives

No. Objective
1 Visit Pilika and get confirmation about the quest. He will also tell you that the mark is in Site 2 of the Lhusu Mines
2 Finish the quest and return to Pilika for a reward. He will also give you a second quest to finish.

Pilika’s Secret

Pilika is a moogle who is plying her trade in Bhujerba. She will be enlisting your help for tracking down a rocktoise in the Lhusu Mines. Pilika is also connected with another quest, as seen in the link below:
Pilika’s Diary

The Rocktoise, Carbo

Upon accepting the quest, Pilika confesses that the rocktoise is her pet, Carbo, who has grown to its current size by inhaling Mist from the Mines. Search for the rocktoise deep in the Lhusu Mines, at the Crossroads area. You’ll remember this area as the place where the party encountered Ba’Gamnan and his cronies.


For more information about Rocktoise, see the link below.
Rocktoise Drops and Locations

Defeating the Rocktoise

Hunt down the rocktoise and defeat it. A similarity that it shares with the Pandaemonium, another Tortoise-class enemy, is that it’s weak to Aero-infused weapons and skills, so make that your bread and butter. Once you’re done, return to discover that Carbo isn’t dead; the rocktoise has actually shrunk down to size, and is with Pilika once more. She will thank you with a collection of rewards. She will also tell you of her plans to find a house where master and pet can live forever in harmony.

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