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What is a Cohoot? | Monster Hunter Rise | MHR (MHRise)

This is an article about the Cohoot, a new pet in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know what it does and how you can interact with it, read on!

Cohoot Basic Information

Official Description
Cohoots are popular pets in Kamura, beloved for their affectionate and clever nature. Apart from providing some much-needed comfort to hunters, they also help out on quests by showing the positions of monsters.
In-between quests, you can dress them up in fancy outfits, so make sure to give them the daily attention they deserve.

A New Pet in Monster Hunter Rise

The Cohoot is your Hunter’s new pet owl in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). You may interact with it while in Kamura Village like Poogie in the past games!

No News for Poogies

As of writing, there is no news yet for the return of Poogie. In Monster Hunter World, Poogies pick up items, can be dressed and interacted with. With the introduction of Cohoots, it seems that it will completely replace Poogies as the village pet.

What Cohoots Do

Scouts the Position of Monsters

At the start of any quest, your Hunter will release a Cohoot to scout the location. It will show all monster positions which hunters can see on their maps. The Cohoots, however, cannot identify the monster completely hence the map does not show their monster icons at the start.

Can Be Dressed in Costumes

According to the official description, Cohoots can be dressed up with clothes! We expect this one to be similar to how we used to dress up Poogies in the past with the costumes obtainable through quest rewards.

Can Be Interacted With

It seems you can interact with Cohoots by feeding them! In the past games, interacting with Poogies increases their affection and in turn, increases the quality of the items they pick up. We expect that some kind of benefit will be implemented in Rise but at this moment, it is yet to be known.

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